The single biggest issue I faced with my tent while lapping New Zealand on a bike and how easily that issue was resolved

This journey really tested all my equipment to the max. One thing I didn’t mention towards the end was the fact my tent had started to take on water. Not through the fly sheet up top when it rained, but actually through the floor, and not just during rain either!

I first noticed it as a minor problem at Anatori River, with a small amount dew dampening things through the night. By the time I had reached Trounson Kauri Park, and with the rain pouring as it always does at Trounson, I knew I had a real issue on my hands… well, on my floor. The underside of my sleeping matt was sopping wet that morning!

Fortunately, many camps and people offered me other places to stay (not to mention my parents surprising me and turning up in a campervan!) that the super-sponge tent floor didn’t really affect the primary mission.

I first chose this tent because of its ample room inside. It’s a 3-man (meaning it takes two to put up and sleeps one), so has space for all my gear. I didn’t buy it with a huge bike ride in mind, nor with weight in mind, but once I established it would fit on the back of The Bike, I was convinced it should come. An important thing to me on an adventure like this was going to be a peaceful night’s sleep, preferably in familiar surroundings. Your tent is your room and your room has got to be comfortable. It was my home and only familiar surroundings for several months!
After the trip, I took the tent back to Kathmandu where their team assessed it and decided replacing the entire inner was the way to go. The 2-year warranty isn’t affected by a person’s decision to go on a stupendously huge adventure, it seems.

Last weekend, I got to test-camp the new floor at Opoutere Beach and it was bliss having my old portable hotel room back to its best! Here’s to many more great camp trips this summer – do ask if you want tips on any of our coastal sweet spots!