Dunc’s Big Bike Ride – new map

When I set off from Mission Bay on ‘the big one’, I didn’t know about the certain intricacies involved with my Samsung (never again!) phone and getting it to record accurate GPS data (tip: some Shamsung models require you to have wifi on, as well as location/GPS settings, to accurately record – who knew?). Luckily I was paying attention where I was going each day and logged each trip manually, using Map My Run (MMR). This gave me fairly accurate distance data and is how I know it’s about 11,000km right around the islands.

The only trouble is downloading MMR’s data to sit on my bike ride map – apparently it really isn’t easy, since it doesn’t include the ‘time’ info. The map’s creators Scoot and Simon tried to simplify a way of plugging MMR files into the original map, but it’s proved faster for me to download these files, run it through Google Earth and chuck it onto my own Google Maps creation. Which is what I bring you here. For the very first time, a complete bicycle circumnavigation of New Zealand, in map form, warts and (some) mistakes and all!

It’s still a work in progress, I might get round to adding stage information and a few pics at some point as well. Enjoy!