Dunc’s Big Bike Ride FAQs – part 3

Crossing New Plymouth's wavey bridge
Dunc’s Big Bike Ride crosses New Plymouth’s wavey bridge

Following on from part 2, here’s a load of new questions I have been asked since kicking off Dunc’s Big Bike Ride on 2nd January:

What inspired you to do this?
I like coffee and carrot cake, so I decided to cycle round the country, trying all the coffee and carrot cake. The adventure stuff has been a side story and the charity thing, well, just one big bonus! But, yeah, cake.

You’re going the wrong way round – why are you going that way round?
The smart answer is that to go any way but clockwise in a left-driving country would result in cars being in between me and the beach. This would make pulling over to admire the sands slightly more hassle and hazardous and there would be lots of cars in my beach photographs. I didn’t want cars in all my beach photos. In truth, however, I just chose to go that way by accident.

Why didn’t you do this in summer?
I started this in summer. Summer doesn’t go forever. It’s a big country, with the world’s tenth longest coastline. I’ll give you that again: New Zealand has the world’s tenth longest coastline.

What’s been the highlight?
It’s been one big life highlight which is divisible down to numerous little sub-highlights, some of which are great and some are bad, but they all go down as being part of this journey, making it far greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve no idea what I’ve just written. Sdhfbsdkfskdf. Ddfsbfjs. Please, please buy the book!

How long have you got left?
TR = (TT*994)-DF/993+RMSS,
where TR = Time remaining, TT = Time taken and DF = an unknown Distance Factor and RMSS = Robert Mugabe’s shoe size.

How far have you got left?

Yeah, my friend did that in 2005!
Cool! Show me their route so we can compare! (No, they didn’t)

And you just came over from England to do a charity event for a Kiwi charity?
I’m Kiwi-as, bro. Don’t let the sounds of my voice blind your thought process as to my motives. I’ve lived here since 2008, I’m a New Zealand citizen and now I probably know New Zealandland better than you. Not that it’s a competition.

Are you doing it alone?
You seriously think two people in the world would be down for this?

You’re crazy!
And I’m allowed out on my own?

More than 8,000km cycled around the perimeter of New Zealand – Dunc’s Big Bike Ride returning to Mission Bay SOON!

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