Cycling the New Zealand coastline in 2015 was the adventure of my life, thanks to all who played a part

Wow. What can I say? I continue to re-live parts of this epic adventure in my mind and it strengthens me. I also bang on to friends with tales from the trip, all of whom listen, silently, each yearning just to have a copy of my book so that they can just scan through the bits they want to know about and never hear from me about it again.

The book is coming along. Slowly. I accepted some full time work at the start of November, to help pay some bills, and this only just finished before Christmas. Writing a book while working full time is hard, so I’ve made the decision to lay off some of that until I can get some more words down.

The givealittle for St John stands at just shy of $8,000. At 11,000km cycled, that means the good people of Aotearoa donated a kind 73c per kilometre for my efforts. I’ll take it. Actually, I won’t, but St John will. If it goes to help even one person, then it was worth doing.

If you supported me in any way this year throughout this crazy adventure, I’d like to thank you. The way people pitched in to help me out and see a good bugger through means the Earth. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2016 brings you some excellent things.

Dunc x