VIDEO: Chad Dawson ‘Save The World’

“Is he for real?” we would get asked.

“We’ll, you can see him can’t you?” was the dream response.

It’s easy to see why people doubt Chad Dawson with his magical lyrics such as:

If only tears could wash away,
all bad things in the world,
I’d cry myself to sleep at night,
just to save a starving girl

(Save The World)

Rarely is such heartfelt goodness seen in pop music today that, when it happens, it’s mightily confusing.

Celebrating our times touring London town, this little montage is set to the Chad Dawson favourite ‘Save The World’. Take a listen:

VIDEO: Chad Dawson ‘Never Happy’ (feat. Boys ‘R’ Us)

I used to manage American singer-songwriter Chad Dawson, ‘manage’ meaning overseeing bookings in and around London.

I have been meaning to knock together something using some of the images and raw footage we gathered over the years, and this week I finally found a spare four hours!

Check out my little montage for Chad Dawson’s Never Happy here:

The Groove Armada CD Is No More…

…The future is beginning. If you’re reading this, the chances are you have downloaded music before. The chances are you know all about the battles the recording industry has been fighting with the internet service providers over illegal music downloads. So here’s a novel solution: allow a free music download, but market the crap out of a kind of complementary product at the same time!

In this case the product is Bacardi and the site is called BliveShare. Good on them for being up there amongst the first to try such a thing. The deal is simple: Rather than try and sell you a Groove Armada CD, the record company has agreed to give you their new EP, free (that’s FREE!) with no legal implications, provided you get it from this site and then you share the site with your mates. Sweet.


This is 100% genuine. The downloads come down at 320kbps, which is just about as good as a Groove Armada CD, only FREE!