Thank You Mrs Bryant!

I feel it totally necessary to bring credit to the primary school teacher whose efforts towards me (and thousands of other kids) early on in life rendered me with a knack for knowing Beatles’ lyrics.

Every Friday morning would have but been wasted were it not for Jo Bryant (and Mrs Partridge on keys) dragging us all into the school hall to sing childish covers of ‘Penny Lane’, ‘Ob-La’Di Ob-La-Da’ and ‘Yellow Submarine’, along with other uncredited ‘hits’ (‘The Age of Technology’ – anybody?) that were catchy enough to remain with me to today. I can seldom remember an educational session delivered with such passion and energy, from the cheek-rubbing warm up through to the medleys that only a mother could love.

Word of Mrs Bryant passing on did make it round the Plumcroft Primary School alumni, but I can definitely say every bit of energy she dedicated to Friday morning choir lives on today. I may not have gone on to learn a thing about music creation, but those lessons sure helped with the music appreciation!

Thanks Jo Bryant!

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I’m Dunc Wilson. A DJ and radio presenter living in Auckland, New Zealand.

I used to live in Greenwich, London and also spent six years of my life in an awesome town called Guildford. I used to DJ the excellent Flirt! night at Surrey University’s nightclub Rubix. I have also presented many a radio show on KMFM and CTR in Maidstone.

I could write about a load of promises and how I am going to give you plenty of this and a whole load of that if you continue to visit here, but I don’t think I’ll spoil the surprise (or set myself up for disaster!). Just check it out regularly and watch the surprises unfold!

Cheers, Dunc