Five surprising things noted about Cape Brett Track

Cape Brett Track is a 16km one-way bush-and-cliff affair in the Bay Of Islands, with a DOC hut and lighthouse perched at the peninsula end, near the factually-named ‘ Hole In The Rock’. I recently took on this monster tramp with maps guy Scoot and my sister Sarah. Back when we were roasting in all that heat, we packed-up and trekked out to the hut for a night and returned next day.

Here’s five surprising things I noted about Cape Brett Track:

– So much forest! Bloody trees, obscuring all the ocean views. I thought the pioneers cut them all down for houses and masts?
– There’s no boot cleaning stations, despite some tracks leading to kauri. Help slow kauri dieback and clean your boots elsewhere before you go. Trees are good!
– How many climbs there are and how steep some of those climbs are. The coast is supposed to be flat!
– The time needed for those last “3km”. “Seriously, we’re going down there to come up again?”. I suspect it was more like 3.5km, maybe 3.6…
– We saw lots of people walking AWAY from the hut into the forest at the end of the day. Ghosts?

Top tramp, expect to be challenged, book before you go